Strengthen Your Body's Immunity by Drinking Noni Juice

This year we were surprised by the emergence of the COVID-19 virus in several countries in the world. This of course can make people worried about contracting a disease that is endemic in a number of these countries. It is a natural concern, but actually we do not need to worry too much if we have taken preventative measures.

Health institutions such as WHO have issued guidelines for the prevention of corona virus transmission. The guide mainly consists of steps to maintain personal hygiene by diligently washing hands. There is also a guide on how to wear the right mask.

some health experts also explain that not everyone who interacts with a positive corona person will then become infected. According to them, those who are vulnerable are those who have low immunity. So if the body's immunity is good, the risk is lower for contracting.

Do you already have strong body immunity so that you are ready to face the onslaught of the corona virus? There are many ways that can be sought to strengthen immunity, for example by eating healthy foods that are nutritionally balanced, exercising regularly or actively moving, and diligently taking herbal immune system boosters.

To increase your readiness in anticipating the spread of the corona virus, we will prescribe one of the herbs that is believed to strengthen the immune system. These recipe ingredients are widely available in the market, namely Noni fruit.

Why Noni fruit? Because various scientific studies have shown that this herb has the ability to enhance immunity because the compounds in it have a function as immunomodulators. The compound can be called to function as an immunomodulator if it can strengthen the body's immune system or control it positively.

It was explained that in addition to helping strengthen the body's immune system, Noni juice also increases physical endurance, improves joint health, maintains healthy bones, maintains normal blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, improves gum health, controls body weight, and various other benefits.

So besides being helped to avoid the corona virus attack, by regularly drinking Noni juice you can also have a more optimal overall health and fitness.

Noni juice extract recipe


  • 3 ripe Noni fruit.

How to make:

  • Wash the Noni fruit under running water.
  • Grate Noni fruit without removing the skin.
  • Squeeze a piece of cloth until it is dry enough.
  • Keep the juice in a container or glass.

Drinking Rules:

  • Divide the juice into 2 parts to drink 2 times a day.
  • Drink every day to maintain immunity.

With the simple recipe above, you can get great health benefits. But unfortunately not a few people who do not like the bitter taste and the aroma that they think is less pleasant.

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