Cabbage, Healthy Vegetables That Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most feared diseases by women. How not, this disease is very deadly and tends to be very difficult to treat. Health experts themselves say if breast cancer can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, as well as frequent exposure to free radicals and various carcinogens. In fact, modern life makes us often exposed to these things.

Cabbage Can Prevent Breast Cancer

Is there no way to prevent breast cancer better? Health experts say if besides having to adopt a healthy lifestyle, we should also start implementing a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, especially by consuming healthy vegetables. To prevent breast cancer better, health experts advise us to consume vegetables that come from the cabbage family.

Families of cabbage vegetables are very familiar to us in daily food. For example, cauliflower, lettuce, bok choy, or even broccoli, of course, we often treat it as a side dish and even found as a vegetable on a variety of menus in the dining room. Health experts turned out to mention if the vegetables from the cabbage family has a kind of chemical compound called sulforaphane, a kind of compound that is able to prevent various cancers, including breast cancer. Recent research even mentions if these chemical compounds are effectively able to kill various cancer cells without affecting body cells that are still in healthy condition.

To get the maximum breast cancer prevention effect, it helps us pay attention to how to properly process cabbage. Health experts advise us to wash the cabbage thoroughly so that there are no more impurities left before cooking. Also, make sure that you don't cook it too well so that the nutrients and sulforaphane chemicals don't disappear during the cooking process.

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