7 Natural Ingredients to Repel Ants at Home

Ants are animals that are closely related to our daily lives. Animals with the scientific name Formicidae can be found in almost every inch of walls, tables, floors, until in a place that certainly does not want everyone, namely FOOD and DRINKS. So, what can be used as a way to expel ants in your home?

Effective Way to Get Rid of Ants at Home

The presence of ants wherever we are is certainly unavoidable. In addition to its very large population, ants also consume the same foods that you consume daily, especially sweet foods. So, what is on the dining table also became its target.

Before the ants 'invade' the house and food more and more, here are some tips or effective ways to drive away ants.

1. Wheat Flour

The first way to get rid of ants is to use flour. Wheat flour is a safe ant-repellent medium because it is not a pesticide. However, the effectiveness of wheat flour in driving away ants is no less good with a number of other special media.

Sprinkle flour in areas where there are many ants such as corners of houses and table legs, especially dining tables. Guaranteed ants are reluctant to step over the area that has been sprinkled with flour!

2. Pepper

Most ants target sugar as well as foods and drinks that contain sugar. Another case with other seasonings such as pepper. Instead of approaching, what the ants do to both of them is to stay away. Therefore, you can sprinkle pepper in areas where there are lots of ants like the floor and the kitchen as a way to keep ants away.

Or, you can also sprinkle pepper in the holes that are home to the ant colony. Not only drive out, sprinkle pepper into the ant's 'house' becomes a way to eradicate the ants.

3. Cinnamon powder

Another natural ingredient that is effective in getting rid of ants is cinnamon powder.

Despite the sweet taste that in fact is very liked by ants, the fact that this one spice actually makes ants stay away so smell the aroma.

Sprinkle ground cinnamon in places where ants normally appear such as doors, windows and walls. You can also draw borders to protect food and drink from ant invasion.

4. Salt

Besides pepper and cinnamon powder, salt is another spice that can be used as a way to drive away ants at home.

How to use salt to remove ants is no different from pepper. You only need to sprinkle the area where there are lots of ants. Or if you want to protect food from an ant invasion, you can make a kind of border around the food to prevent the animal from approaching and gnawing on it.

5. Orange Peel

Like to eat oranges? Do not dispose of the skin because it turns out, orange peel can be used as an effective way of removing ants.

Mash the orange peel using a blender that has been filled with warm water until it becomes a smooth paste. When finished, pour or apply the orange peel paste to the walls, floor, and other areas of ant nests.

Don't forget to clean the dried orange paste when the ants have gone away or died.

6. Lemon water

Another fruit that can be used as an ant exterminator is lemon juice. The acidic nature of lemon juice not only makes ants reluctant to get close, but can also kill it if it is flushed. You can wet the area where there are lots of ants (or around the dining table if you want to protect the food from ants) with lemon juice.

To be more practical, you can put lemon juice in a spray bottle and then spray on the desired areas.

How to get rid of ants with lemon water can also be mixed with a bucket of water, then mop the floor of the house using the water.

7. Vinegar

If there is no lemon, you can use vinegar as a way to get rid of red ants and other ants at home.

Like lemons, the acidic nature of vinegar makes the herbs an 'enemy' for ants. Pour or spray vinegar on the areas where the ants live. If the ant is gone, clean the area to eliminate the acidic odor produced by vinegar.

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