Spinach Diet : Lose 3 Kilograms of Body Weight in 5 Days

Spinach Die
Spinach (Source : Pixabay/Clara Sander)
During this time, spinach is known as one of the vegetables that contains many health benefits. But on the other hand, spinach turned out to also be the best alternative diet, for people who want to get rid of a few pounds of excess fat in his body.

Aside from being a natural supplement that can strengthen muscles. Spinach diet is especially popular among active people, in their daily lives. Because spinach contains substances that are in too high a concentration can overload certain bodily processes, it is recommended not to extend the diet for more than five days.

You can go through the diet process a maximum of two times a year, and in just five days, this diet is able to get rid of 3 kg of excess fat in your body. 100 grams of spinach only has 26 calories, so it can be consumed in large quantities without worrying about affecting your weight.

This mineral also helps keep skin tight during slimming and does not lose its elasticity. You must not forget about spinach-containing fiber, which is very good for weight loss, but also with essential omega-3 fatty acids.

For best results, a little exercise is recommended, and after only five days you will see better tone.

Spinach Diet Menu for Five Days

Day 1

- Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 2 tomatoes and spinach leaf salad (lemon juice and olive oil sauce), two slices of whole wheat bread.
- Lunch: grilled chicken breast, spinach garnish.
- Dinner: spinach salad with vegetables.

Day 2

- Breakfast: yogurt with oatmeal, unsweetened tea.
- Lunch: spinach soup.
- Dinner: boiled spinach with oranges.

Day 3

- Breakfast: omelette with spinach, a piece of whole wheat bread.
- Lunch: fish, spinach and rice.
- Dinner: steamed spinach and two oranges.

Day 4

- Breakfast: spinach, apple juice and carrots.
- Lunch: chicken or fish, spinach sauce or spinach salad.
- Dinner: rice with herbs and spinach.

Day 5

- Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, yogurt.
- Lunch: chicken or fish and spinach.
- Dinner: fruit juice.

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