Pandanus As Natural Air Freshener

Nowadays there are many air freshener products, there are various kinds of flavors from the aroma of fruits, flowers and coffee. There are also various types of users who hang and some spray and automatically stick to the wall.

However, there are also some people who do not like products on the market, perhaps because it is really overpowering, or because of fear of containing chemicals that are harmful to the human body, some are indeed like the natural scent and do not like factory-made. For those of you who don't like factory-made air freshener, you can make your own air freshener, which is certainly safer for you and your family, of course.

One natural ingredient that we can use as a air freshener is Pandanus. Pandanus leaves in addition to the fragrant smell can neutralize the odor of your room or living room, naturally there are plenty of air freshener by processing pandanus leaves or pandanus leaves can be dried and then used as a deodorant in your home.Here is the way:

How to make air freshener with Pandanus

Ingredients that must be prepared:

1. Pandanus leaves
2. Knife
3. A few bowls

How to make :

1. Thinly slice 4 fragrant matched leaves
2. Put the pandanus slices into the bowl
3. Place the bowl on the toilet, rack, dry steps

For a small room just put 1 bowl of sliced ​​pandanus leaves, if the room is large enough, put a few bowls in the corners of the room. Change it regularly at least once every 2-3 days to get the smell of pandanus fragrance.

In order to make the fragrance stronger, slices of Lime are placed into the bowls.

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