How to use coriander seeds to treat diabetes

Diabetes is one of the main causes of complications and can lead to death. Diabetes is now increasingly becoming a threat along with unhealthy lifestyles. Diabetic patients have to take medication for life even some have to be helped with insulin to control blood sugar.

In addition to the discipline of taking medication, diabetic patients must regulate and maintain their diet. Then it can be helped by natural ingredients, one of which is coriander seeds. All parts of coriander from leaf to seed can be used as medicine.

Coriander has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. According to research, coriander helps regulate cholesterol, maintain appetite, and improve digestion. And all these qualities are good for diabetic patients.

According to research, coriander seeds have compounds that have the effect of lowering blood sugar in the human body. Coriander seeds can help manage diabetes naturally by stimulating insulin secretion.

Insulin made by the pancreas allows the body to use sugar. When insulin weakens, the body cannot know how much sugar is needed to be metabolized, this causes a spike in blood sugar.

How to Prepare Coriander Water for Diabetes

How to make a recipe is quite easy. Take 10 grams of crushed coriander seeds and add in 2 liters of water. Leave overnight.

The next morning, strain the water. Remove the seeds and drink on an empty stomach. For additional benefits, you can also continue to drink coriander water every day but still consult with your doctor first.

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