5 Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies

Who doesn't know flies? Many people consider flies to be a nuisance. Not infrequently many people are uncomfortable when seeing a lot of flies around it. Flies are considered dirty animals and carry many germs.

Especially if many flies roam in the house. Of course you definitely don't like it when flies are at home. Feeling worried if the fly perched on food, drinks or baby equipment that could carry germs and bacteria that cause disease.

The fly itself is an insect that carries quite a lot of germs. This animal can carry around 100 types of germs on its body. Germs that attach to flies can trigger diseases such as antaraks, typhus, tuberculosis and diarrhea.

Dangers of Flies According to Experts

Flies are usually present in the kitchen area where many things can provoke the presence of these small insects. Usually flies like to perch on foods or fruits that are not protected or neatly covered.

According to researchers at Penn State Eberly College of Science in the United States, they found that flies that come home can carry germs and bacteria such as salmonella, e-coli and bacteria that can cause heartburn and sepsis or poisoning in the blood.

According to a professor at Cornell University named Dr. Jeff Scott said that flies can quickly move the bacteria in their bodies into the food they are on.

How to get rid of flies at home with natural ingredients

Reporting from various sources, there are several ways to ward off flies at home with natural and practical ingredients. How to get rid of flies in this house you can do easily to repel the flies that roam at home.

1. Repel Flies with Pandanus Leaf

Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies
Pandanus (Source : Pixabay/Bishnu Sarangi)

One of the plants that flies don't like is pandanus. Pandanus leaf have a sweet scent that is not liked by flies. Not only drives away flies, pandanus also proves effective in driving cockroaches out of the house.

How to get rid of flies with pandanuse leaf is by cutting pandanus leaf and store in a container. Then place the container containing the pieces of pandanus leaf in places frequented by flies.

2. Repel Flies with Salt

Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies
Salt (Source : Pixabay/Philipp Kleindienst)

Salt becomes one of the ingredients that can be used to repel flies. You do this by sprinkling salt around the area that flies want to avoid. Not only using salt, many people mix salt with turmeric powder to ward off flies.

3. Repel Flies with Lemongrass

Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies
Lemongrass (Source : Pixabay/Husky Kuma)

Lemongrass plants have a sharp tang. The special aroma of lemongrass is known to be effective in repelling mosquitoes. Not only mosquitoes, it turns out that the smell of lemongrass was not liked by flies.

How to get the scent of lemongrass easily by using aromatherapy scented lemongrass candles. Candles that have been burned can be placed in several corners of the house that are often infested with flies.

4. Repel Flies with Basil

Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies
Basil (Source : Pixabay/Security)

Basically flies don't like plants with a sharp odor. One of the sharp-smelling plants is basil. Basil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that are able to create a healthy home environment.

How to use basil to ward off flies by placing basil leaves in an area frequented by flies. This method is able to reduce to repel fly population at home.

5. Repel Flies with Lemon and Cloves

Natural Ingredients to Repel Flies
Lemon and Cloves (Source : Pixabay/aedrozda)

Lemon and cloves risan can be used to ward off flies at home. This is because flies do not like fragrant scents.

You do this by placing dried clove on a slice of lemon in a crowd of flies. The combination of the aroma of sliced lemon and cloves can immediately expel flies from home.

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