How to Overcome Nausea Naturally

Nausea is an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach that causes the urge to vomit. When nauseous, we will feel restless and uncomfortable due to the urge to vomit.

List of Foods Containing Folic Acid and Its Benefits for the Body

Not only pregnant women , everyone needs to meet their daily folic acid needs. The reason is, this nutrient has an important role in the body, starting from the formation of genes, protei…

Benefits of Swimming for Health, Reducing Stress to Maintain Heart Health

The health benefits of swimming don't need to be doubted. This type of exercise is known to be good for heart health. Not only that, there are many other benefits that you can get by …

Benefits of Raspberries for Health, From Lose weight to Prevent Cancer

Raspberries are a type of berry that has various varieties. Raspberries are black, purple, yellow and red. However, the red raspberry fruit (Rubus idaeus) is the most popular and widely …

Health Benefits of Banana Peels

Not only the fruit, it turns out that there are many nutrients and benefits of banana peels that can be obtained for body health.

Benefits of Bananas for Children's Health

Its sweet taste makes bananas favored by many people, including children. In addition, this yellow fruit also contains various important nutrients needed by the child's body.
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